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Navigate around the app using the Shopify sidebar menu on the left side of the screen:


At the top of the screen, you can see the number of comments from the markets. You need to upgrade after a certain number of pulled comments.

There is a panel with your trending products.

You can see the feedback status at the bottom and follow the installation steps.

Review List:

It is all comments page, you can see the status of comments. You can also intervene in the comments.

Product List:

This is the page where the products are listed. Shows the review and rating the product has received. 

Product Detail:

It is the page where the detail of the product is shown. Shows reviews and rating of the product. You can remove, hide or publish reviews about the product.


The page where in-app settings are made.


It directs you to the website where you can find help documents on any issue you need support.