Create Popup Page

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How to create a popup ?


You can customize modal, text, and style of the popup on the left side of the screen, and preview the changes on the right. Here are all actions you can do on the popup page:

1- Changing the status of the popup:


You can turn the popup active or inactive with the droplist selection. Since only one popup can be active at the same time, when you activate a popup while you have another active popup, the other popup becomes passive.

2- Customizing Modal Tab:

– Can specify the popup name
– Can set the coupon code setting, enter the coupon code
– Cou can edit the trigger to determine in which state the popup will be shown to the visitors

3- Customizing Text Tab:

The popup has two states. 1- Initial 2- Success. In both cases, you can edit all the text to be shown. Additionally, you can edit the messages to be displayed in case of an error.


4- Customizing Styles Tab:

You can edit the popup’s styles such as font, color, size.


5- Preview Area:

You can preview the desktop and mobile view with the “Initial State” and “Success State” of the popup in the preview area.
Subscribers Page
View a list of email addresses collected through all popups. These email addresses are added to the customer list in your Shopify admin and are tagged with a subscriber status, meaning they are eligible to receive marketing emails.